About Sariwon

Origin of Sariwon

Sariwon is the name of the town in North Korea where grandmother Mrs. Bun-im-Koo first developed an extraordinary recipe for Korean Beef Bulgogi. Made from 12 different kinds of fruits and vegetables and prepared without sugar, it was created with love for her diabetic husband. Mrs. Koo opened her first humble restaurant with 20 seats serving friends and neighbors in 1938. More than 70 years and 2 generations later, Sariwon has grown into a powerful, multi-awarded presence in South Korea, with its main branch in Seocho, Gangnam having over 500 square meters and 350 seats. Sariwon was awarded “Best Korean Restaurant” by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and has even earned accolades from The New York Times, proclaiming its Beef Galbi as the “most tender and succulent in Seoul”. Finally in Manila, Filipinos now have the opportunity to enjoy Sariwon’s delicious and authentic Bulgogi and Galbi, in honor of Mrs. Koo’s lasting legacy.